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Honda CBR600RR

ExtremeFairings make the best quality aftermarket UV fairings, fairing kits, bodywork and body kits for Honda CBR600RR. Not only does our fairings look amazing but they fit perfectly due to the injection mold technology which ensures accurate and perfect fitment. Original mounting equipment will work with these fairings.
Honda CBR600RR Fairings

We have some really cool designs for the Honda CBR600RR including the Black Gold Flames - 03-04' CBR600RR fairing kit, the Black Red Bacardi - 05-06' CBR600RR fairing kit, the Red White Konica Minolta - 05-06' CBR600RR fairing kit, the Black Gold Flames - 07-08' CBR600RR Fairing kit and much more.

We can also do other designs like Orange red repsol - 09-12'CBR600RR body kit, Red, black - 09-12' CBR600RR body kit and Black white monster energy - 13-14' CBR600RR body kit.

Contact ExtemeFairings if you cant find a design or want to do a custom design!

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Top quality Honda CBR600RR Honda Fairings Products - The premium bodywork and fairings specialist for Honda CBR600RR.

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Most Popular Honda CBR600rr Paint Schemes

Honda has made a number of fairing designs for their CBR600RR throughout the years, and we have a large selection of styles to choose from. Whether you’re into racing on the track, or sporting there is a fairing kit for you. Our Honda CBR600RR Fairing kits are what you need to give your motorcycle a dynamic look. Browse our line of fairings below and choose which one is right for you..

The CBR600RR Fairings

Currently our line of aftermarket fairings goes back as far 2003 depending on the year. In the 2003 line you have a variety of black designs including solid black, black with decals, tribal, and black with a combination of colors such as orange and silver. There is also for those who may be interested Blue Pramac, Captain America, Generali, Hannspree, and Konica Minolta. Each kit comes with 20 pieces, and has a solid weather resistant plastic, and a uv protective gloss, which will help maintain the design over the years, and be resistant to hazardous weather conditions and is more scratch resistant than OEM.

Graffiti CBR600RR Fairings

Our Graffiti body kit is designed where all the panels are matte black, and then you have a graffiti design, usually black placed on top. The entire kit ranging in price from $599-$627.00. Like a number of fairing kits, the Graffiti line can be custom built, and designed to help you have the look you want to fit your particular motorcycle, or aftermarket; and you could also expect injection molded, with heat shield, and pre-drilled mounting holes, making it ready for installation. The kit includes a Tank fairing, Tail Fairings, V-Panel, Left and Right side Fairings, and Front Tire Hugger.

Monster Energy CBR600RR Fairings

The Monster Energy line is a more recent line, which can be found on more current models. This design was in connection with Monster Energy Drink. The kits, are available for motorcycles dating through the years 2009-2012, but can be made for any CBR600RR year and are designed in Black with the green Monster Energy Logo. The 09-12 kits come with a total of 26 pieces and also includes a matching seat cowl. The holes are pre-drilled for easy installation, and injection molding to fit your bike perfectly. The kit includes a Tank Cover, Tail Fairings, Front Tire Hugger, V-Panel, Left and Right Side Fairings; for those who love Monster Energy Drink this fairing kit is the one for you.

Limited Edition CBR600RR Fairings

The Limited Edition body kits are for current 2009-2012 models, and offer unique designs such as Captain America, Grey Phoenix, and Gold Phoenix. As with all our line of CBR600RR fairing kits, the holes are pre-drilled with injection molding, and comes with Tank Cover, Left and Right Side Fairings, Upper Nose Fairings, Tail Fairings, V-Panel, and Front Tire Hugger.

Leyla CBR600RR Fairings

These kits come with the unique Leyla design made usually for the 07-12 year, which will give your motorcycle a unique artistic look, and has a womens face. Many currently on the market come with black, and white Leyla patterns, though you can have it custom made with the color coordination you desire to give your bike the look you want. The kits come with pre-drilled holes for easy installation, and ABS high quality plastic using injection mold technology. The kit comes with Tank cover, left and right side Fairings, Tail fairings, front tire hugger, V-Panel, and Upper Nose Fairings.

Konica Minolta CBR600RR Fairings

The Konica Minolta line comes in a variety of colors some of the most popular are red, light blue, and a light brown. The Konica Minolta comes with both tank, and side covers, V-Panel, Tail fairings, and Front tire Hugger; and has the Konica Minolta Logo displayed on both pieces. This design kits works on current models, and go back as far as 2004. It is made with high quality ABS plastic to help sustain a long life, and has three layers of high quality gloss. The holes are pre-drilled for easy installation, and are made with injection mold technology.

Movistar CBR600RR Fairings

The Movistar series is connected with the Spanish telecommunications giant "", and is displayed on the side fairings and the tank cover. A very popular combination happens to be dark blue with a lime green. The kit comes with Upper Nose Fairing, Fairings for the left and right side, Tail Fairings, Front Tire Hugger, V-Panel, Tank Cover, and Black Accent Parts. The kit may be installed easily, though it is encouraged to have it professionally installed if you are not familiar with installation.

Mugen Racing CBR600RR Fairings

The Mugen Racing edition was in models dating through 2009-2012. It is popular in the combination of Red and Black and each comes with roughly 26 pieces which include Upper Nose Fairing, Left and Right Side Fairings, Tail Fairings, Front Tire Hugger, V-Panel, Tank Cover, and Blank Accent Parts. The pieces are pre-drilled for easy installation, and can be custom designed in the colors you prefer.

Punisher CBR600RR Fairings

The Punisher edition goes back to 2003 – 2006 models. The Punisher comes in solid black with a high gloss. Like all the fairings we have, it can be customized. You can get for example; red punisher on matte black or white punisher on pearl gloss. Just send us an email to discuss your bodywork needs further.

Playboy CBR600RR Fairings

The Playboy line comes in a variety of patterns, and each has the famous Playboy logo. The kit was quite popular with 2005-2006 and 2007-2008 models. Each kit comes with all the parts.

Phoenix CBR600RR Fairings

As mentioned the Phoenix line was part of Honda’s limited edition, and came in both Gold and Grey colors. This line was used quite often in 2009-2012 models, and usually included 29 individual pieces, and was injection molded, and would have three layers of painting to help sustain a long life. The kit would come with as follows: Tank cover, left and right side Fairings, Tail Fairing, Front tire Hugger, V-Panel, and Upper Nose Fairings. The pieces were made of high quality ABS plastic, and had pre-drilled holes for easy installation. Since this was a limited edition, this may not be as easy to find, or purchase as other kits.

Repsol CBR600RR Fairings

The Repsol series is Honda’s most popular color scheme and is most recognized on the track. The current 2013-2015 have the latest orange and white repsol bodywork. The kit comes with Seat Cowl, Tank Cover, left and right side fairings, V-panel, Front Tire Hugger, and Upper Nose Fairings. The pieces are made with injection mold technology, and painted with three layers of clear coat gloss. There is also a coat of primer added to each new piece. The holes are part of the mold so they will fit with the settings of the factory, and like all other kits is made with ABS plastic, which will help it sustain a long life.

These lines of fairings are some of the most popular on the market, and as mentioned help bringing out the best in your Honda Motorcycle. If any of the designs, or patterns are no longer on the market, it is possible to find aftermarket blank pieces, and have them designed similar to the pattern, which you desire, though bear in mind some designs may be too complicated to make, so send us a quick email before ordering.

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