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August 17, 2017

10 of the Best Custom Motorcycles

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It is obvious that many people love seeing blue smoke coming from the exhaust pipe. There are several bikes in this list that are two strokes, and the aspect of the blue smoke is a reality. There is something which is atavistic and brutal about the two stroke smoke like riding the fire-bellied rattlesnake, and there is hope that there will be more bikes that will be having these features going forward.

As years go by, many shops are springing, and heavy hitters are establishing their positions in the market. This list based on data and not opinions. The main features of the motorcycles in this list are the chunky tire, scrambler, and garage builds as discussed earlier.

  1. The poster boy T100

    the poster boy T100

    the poster boy T100

Clutch customs motorcycles built the poster boy T100. This bike represents the perfect balancing of class and simplicity, in a bike which epitomizes the type of bike everybody would like to own. This bike is neither modern nor classic, but it is completely timeless. It can spark any individual anywhere. Instead of gathering a crowd, the norm of this bike is influencing people to take snapshots with their smartphones. They also give it a knowing nod or thumbs up of approval. This bike is a game changer in the field of motorcycles.

  1. Triumph mega scrambler

    Triumph mega scrambler

    Triumph mega scrambler

The triumph mega scrambler brought a wave and a new custom wave to the scene by letting engineers loose on the secret of in-house build-off, without an idea of the outcome. The two team of volunteers got the basic triumph Bonneville and got the instruction to do what they pleased, with a limited budget on the mind, and maximum time. The management of these initiatives was done by the PR stunts and possessed the sell after-market products or tease new models. However, the engineers of this motorcycle did not have a lot of management interference and were left with their devices.

They did not develop the board-approved prequel for the future model but broke all rules by creating two inspired bikes that possessed stunning engineering components. These bikes ended up schooling many pro-builders on building custom bikes. Although the winner possessed reversed heads, it had a soft spot for the insanely lanky scrambler that has top level chassis parts, motocross proportions, and a super-light one-off frame.

  1. Honda NX650 scrambler

    Honda NX650 scrambler

    Honda NX650 scrambler

Being the bike of the year, the Honda NX650 scrambler by Janne Hietakangas is known for being as good as gold. The man behind the return of the Café Racers, Geof Balwin, said that he did not know the exact aspects of this bike that appeal but said that it is a fashionable bike built for the racers. The price index is also quite affordable.

  1. Infrared – Yamaha VMax by JvB

    Infrared - Yamaha VMax by JvB

    Infrared – Yamaha VMax by JvB

The Yamaha Yard is classy and modern. This motorcycle defines a factory manufactured bike that has enhanced muscles. After relaunching the marquee, Yamaha needed to tick all boxes so that to ensure that the head of Yamaha’s yard built program, shun Miyazawa, handed a novel bike to Jens Vom Brauck for him to fettle. This offer did them proud as this bike captures the characteristics of the original bike and taking advantage of all upgrades in the components and design.

The flip-mounted clip-on bars, solid-disc wheels, and the orange metal-flake paint shouts out the American Hot Rod. However, this bike somehow retains a certain degree of European finesse from JvB, and it is not visually loud for riding on a daily basis.

  1. Nick’s Ducati 900ss

    nick’s Ducati 900ss

    nick’s Ducati 900ss

Alongside celebrating construction from savvy engineers, it is crucial to celebrate this piece of work that comes from talented shed builders who are laboring in their garages, yards, kitchens, and sometimes their back gardens to dismay their better halves. Nick, an American Ex-Pat in Europe put together this shed built bike after relocating from Detroit to Cologne. Ducatis tick many boxes in the in the custom new-wave scene because they have been building capable bikes that are futuristically fast to last for over one decade.

Therefore, whatever the type of build you choose, you will end up with a bike that is lightweight and fast which turns and stops, just like any other modern machine. The Ducati 900ss possesses a flat tracker/ hybrid café look and a weight of around one hundred and fifty-two kilograms. It has several seat configurations that include the race-inspired number-board.

  1. Zadig MC – one punch

Finished raw metal and the engines of the Hailey Davidson are the custom bike cliché type that people try avoiding at the shed. However, just like the original metallic song, heavy metal, sometimes, is not always bad and you cannot help but tap the feet on time to its music. The “one punch” of Zadig MC was named in tribute to the boxing ‘pikey’ of Brad Pitt in a snatch. The name of the builders’ dog was also inherited through tragic circumstances that cannot be discussed in this section.

The 2007 HD looks like it is fifty years old due to the open metal work and rusty tank. However, the clip-ons and the rear set accord this motorcycle a modern look as it snacks wrapped pipes below the seat to give it a mad-max appeal. Fabian Giordano describes this bike as being a vintage gypsy dragster.

  1. Honda NX650 tracker

    Honda NX650 tracker

    Honda NX650 tracker

There are many beautiful motorcycles in the market, but there are only a few that are innovative in ways which surpass the custom scene and applies to the whole universe of motorcycling. The Honda NX650 Tracker is this type of bike that combines everybody’s favorite builders Simon Darbadie of Dab Designs and Café Racer SSpirit of San Sebastian, Spain. The body works of this motorcycles are done from flax (or lin) fiber, which a green material used in the snowboard, surfboard, and the furniture industry. It is, however, interesting to note that this motorbike is among the first to undergo manufacturing by use of green material and the manufacturers are happy to present it to the world.

  1. Suzuki GS500 Café Racer

    Suzuki GS500 Café Racer

    Suzuki GS500 Café Racer

The Suzuki GS500 café racer, which is known as the spirit of Sheene, was built by Jay Ransome at twenty-two years. Clive Ransome, his father, owns the So Low Choppers. Even though Jay is twenty-two years of age, he started building motorcycles from when he was sixteen years of age. This bike was his first café-style construction that marks the departure from the choppers he has been making. His choice oft-overlooked the Suzuki GS500, which is one the most affordable and plentiful used bikes on the market. Everybody is amused to realize that this young builder is making this list when it comes to ranking the best custom bikes. His build pays homage to the most favorite racer of all time.

  1. BMW R80 Scrambler

    BMW R80 Scrambler

    BMW R80 Scrambler

When Alexandrie Ciaramella is not tuning the BMW R80 Scrambler, he is engineering or designing dials for Swiss luxury watches. His legendary attention to detail manifests in the BMW R80 Scrambler. Some haters are decrying the combination of knobby tires with the clip-ons, but this boldness has a prize – especially when done with a minimalist precision. This bike is also clean and hard to beat due to the cuteness it depicts when being ridden. This construction is amazing in its capacity.

  1. YAMAHA RX King

    YAMAHA RX King

    YAMAHA RX King

The theme of the bikes that are appearing in this list is majorly the two strokes. Much to the glee of the readers, just like the way garage builds have has a debut, their impact goes fully into determination and not six-figure shops and big-money budgets. The Yamaha RX King two-stroke screamer is the height of the form. The builder of this bike, a student in Indonesia, Teguh Setiawan, built it in his boardinghouse garage with the help of youtube videos, makeshift tools, and a helluva lot of heart. For sure, this is the essence of that people love.


Enthusiasts of motorbikes share a motto that says that four wheels move the body while two wheels move the soul. Many builders are taking this motto a notch higher by creating exciting and sexy motorcycles that are perfecting for scramblers, racers, and riders. The list above has depicted the top custom bikes that will give you the desired experience on the road.

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