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June 11, 2015

How are motorcycle fairings made?

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Have you ever asked yourself what these fairings are really made of? A lot of people have no idea that the material which is typically used in making aftermarket fairings is called the Acrylonitrile butadiene Styrene or ABS. It is a type of plastic which is normally used in sport and race motorcycles. You might ask why. It is due to the fact that it is mostly lightweight, strong and flexible. At the same time, it is resistant from scratch and is protecting riders from the flying debris. Because it has a strong constitution, the front fairings do not cracking upon a low force of an impact. Motorcycle Fairing companies in USA that use low quality ABS typically will have problems with fitment and can crack easily.

This Acrylonitrile butadiene Styrene develops its power from one of its main components, Acrylonitrile, pretty famous for its durability. As part of the fairings of the motorcycles, ABS was originally created in ensuring the best protection in case the rider of the motorcycle happens to be in any type of accident possible. On the other hand, it must not be forgotten that the same with all of the other fairings, ABS might still be a little fragile and that it could easily be ruined in a case of an accident of a massive force.

How are these acrylonitrile butadiene styrene plastic are produced? This is done in two ways: it could be done through an injection mold machine where the ABS plastic will be melted before it is put in a mold cavity under a constant pressure so that the material is going to shrink and makes the fairings have the same thickness and be uniform throughout.

For compression molds, preheating happens because of a placement of a plastic on the heated cavity with an application of a pressure up till the mold is cured. Compression is not at its best when plastic fairing is being made because the plastic is not going to be similar like it was on the Injection. The mounting holes are manually glued by the fairing company. Fitment is not good and you should avoid Compress Molded fairings. For older bikes there are no injection molded fairings, so compression is the only option. Don’t expect a good fit.

lucky strike motorcycle fairingsThe other material that is used in creating the fairings typically used for the pro or racing scene is of course, fiberglass. As the name itself suggest, is an outcome of the woven fibers. This fiberglass is really useful to reinforce other materials that are used to make these fairings. Another way on how motorcycles fairings are made is that they are used to construct DIY fairings and the aftermarket fairings because they are really cheap. They also are the most typical type of fairings that are available on the market.

Lastly, fairings are made from a carbon-fiber reinforced polymer and is usually used in MotoGP, Limited Edition bikes or Pro Racing bikes. These forms of fairings are the most expensive to use as they are the lightest one. However, due to the fact that they are not cheap , they are typically used just for race.

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