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November 1, 2017

How to Clean Motorcycle Fairings

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We feel good when we get compliments about our bikes, the look, cleanliness and the age. You can have a motorcycle that’s 10+ years old, yet it looks like a 3weeks old bike, all depending on how you clean and maintain your bike. We have different ways of cleaning fairings on motorcycles depending on the frequency of usage and also when it was and where it was used that’s; was it used on a muddy surface? Or a dust surface? Was it used during the rainy season or the dry season? Most of us water in cleaning their bikes, this takes a lot of time before the motorcycle becomes ready for usage, and you need to remove the chain so that it can dry up before, wait for the seat to dry up before using it. The most convenient way, especially to motorcycles that have not been used in muddy areas, is the usage of waterless details.
First, you have to assemble all your requirements before starting your cleaning. Our cleaning fairings on a motorcycle include; Ecosmart RU, Nonsense, leather cleaner, leather conditioner, lumber/clay combo, jelsseal, celeste dettaglio, porter cable, metal polish, glass cleaner, little brushes and three pieces of clothes made from different materials.
First Detailing
This is meant to make a difference between the way the motorcycle looked before and the way it looks after. Here we are basically going to use the eco-smart ru and a micro-fiber towel. First, shake the eco-smart ru, spray it on the fuel tank, wipe it gently. Next, you spray it on the seat wipe on one direction, spray it on the plastic parts wipe the plastic part, change the dirty side of the towel to the cleaner side wipe again for the total removal of the dust. Spray the couch cover and pedals. And then final spray the windscreen. The first step of cleaning fairing on a motorcycle is done.
Second Detailing
Here we are going to use fresh micro-fiber towel, toothbrush, and nonsense. Spray the nonsense spray on the lid of the fuel tank, use the toothbrush to scrub the lid and finally wipe the lid using the towel to make it original, clean and perfect. Spray the Nonsense on the other parts like exhaust, mudguard, reams and other tiny metallic parts as you wipe them using the towel.
Third Detailing
Using a clay bar and a clay lumber with a fresh micro-fiber towel, roll the clay bar and make a disk shape out of it. Spray the clay lumber as you rub using the disk-shaped clay bar on all the parts of the motorcycle and then lastly dry the parts one at a time using the towel. Repeat that severally on the roughest parts of the bike. Using a metallic polish, apply the color on the different parts using the distinct colors of the parts to remove the minor scrunches. Leave it to dry up for a while before you continue with the other steps of cleaning fairing on motorcycles.
Fourth Detailing
Wipe the motorbike using a jet seal apply as you wipe through to make the color last longer for at least a year, after which you use leather cleaner to clean the seats this is to ensure that the seats maintain relatively the same original state, and also it retains the original texture of the leather used. For quicker drying of the seat use the leather conditioner, it will at the same time align the material to the original lining. This will make your leather seats to last longer than those seats cleaned by the use of water. For sure this is one of the best ways of cleaning fairings on the motorcycle.
The above-mentioned steps and procedures for cleaning fairings on the motorcycle are meant to ensuring that your bike last longer, avoids the corrosion of the metallic parts, makes your bike to remain in the original shape like before, reduces the cost of maintenance of the parts hence pocket-friendly to you the owner. Note; this is only advisable to the riders and owners who don’t use the muddy surfaces instead you use a road free from mud. It’s efficient and time reliant to you the owner. We, therefore, advice you the motorbike owner to use the above-mentioned steps. Feel free to seek any clarifications on the steps followed in our comment box.
Martin is a Freelance Writer based in Chicago.

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