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December 23, 2014

Popular Ducati Fairings Part 1

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Here at ExtremeFairings we love the Ducati brand and anything Ducati. We have listed the most popular paint styles that can be applied to fairings. You will learn about what designs and color combinations look great on the Ducati 848/1198/1098. I’ll do my best to keep it simple.

The Ducati motorcycle line has created a great line of fairing kits for one’s motorcycle to give the motorcycle a sleek smooth feel and amazing control when riding the bike. The paint design for the fairing kits are one of kind. The paint designs on each fairing kit is a customized design per the customer’s specifications when ordered. The Ducati fairing kits are designed to assist the rider with wind control and wind speed when riding the motorcycle. Let’s cover the most popular styles next.

Popular Ducati Paint styles

Matte Black Ducati 749 999 Fairing Kit

The Ducati Fairings come in many great designs and styles. The most popular Ducati paint style for fairing kits is the White Jack Daniels design that has Sharp Black lettering with a white background that is crisp and shiny. This particular Ducati paint style brings class and sophistication to your motorcycle. The Ducati paint style White Jack Daniels design looks amazing on the fairings’ tank cover and the sides of the fairings. Another popular Ducati paint style for the Ducati fairing kits is the Yellow Fila. The Ducati Yellow Fila design has the word “Fila” painted in red and blue on a white background with yellow lining. This Ducati design is popular among young people because of the Fila logo and the sharp design of the fairing. Many Ducati motorcyclists like to create their own paint designs on Ducati fairings. The main reason that Ducati motorcyclists create their own motorcycle fairings is they want their motorcycle to be original and unique. Next we will learn more about Ducati and their fairings.

Ducati Fairings

Ducati Logo

The Ducati line of motorcycles are becoming very popular among bike enthusiasts and they are even giving Suzuki a run for their money. The fairings made by Ducati are custom-made to properly fit the particular make and model of the motorcycle. The Ducati fairings that are bought separately are made and produced like the fairings that come with the original Ducati Bike. The fairings are made from the finest fiberglass material. Some Ducati fairings are made out of the best plastic materials. The production techniques used to make the custom designed fairing kits are the same techniques used to make the Ducati fairings that come with the motorcycle. The pricing for the fairing kits range from $450 to $800 that is reasonable for any individual who wants to purchase a fairing kit to make their motorcycle stand out from the crowd.

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