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January 9, 2015

Popular Ducati Fairings Part 2

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I hoped you liked my previous article here where i talked about the most popular ducati fairings. In this blog article you will learn about Xerox fairings, Red fairings, Premium fairings and Pearl White fairings.

Ducati Xerox Fairings

Ducati 749 fairings

The Xerox Fairings Kit is the one of the best Ducati Fairings to buy because of the amazing design and the material it is made out of. The Ducati Xerox Fairings kit is reasonably priced at no more than $800. The Fairings Kit comes in 8 pieces for easy assembling and made out of the best highest quality of ABS plastic and it has three coats of the best paint to ensure that the paint lasts for a long time. The Kit parts are pre-fitted to ensure that every part will properly fit the make and model of your bike. The Ducati Xerox Fairings Kit also has the necessary pre-drilled holes to ensure that each part attaches to the motorcycle tightly. The Xerox design of the fairing is amazing because it has a bold red and white background and the lettering is red and white. The Xerox painting design will make one’s motorcycle look sleek and smooth.

Ducati Red Fairings

Red Fila

The most popular of the Ducati Fairings Kits color is the red one because it is just pure fiery red, and it is sporty and elegant looking. The Ducati Red Fairings are the best fairings to have on your motorcycle because it is just beautiful to look at. The Red Fairings Kit will give the biker the wind control they need at high speeds and the feel of being on top of the world. The Ducati Red Fairings is made out of the most supreme plastic material that gives the bike a lightweight feel. The Ducati Red Fairings Kit is the cheapest fairing to buy from the Ducati collection of accessories.

Ducati Premier Fairing Kits

The Italian sport bike company, Ducati, is one of the premier marquees of the motorcycle world. Their bikes have high performance and fluidity and scream raw power. Their designs are iconic and enjoyment is a certainty. Now all you need to do is pare it up with the right faring kit to demonstrate your style and personality.
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Ducati Pearl White Fairings

pearl white ducati

Ducati Pearl White fairings are timeless style and a very good look. The pearl white kit paint is quite popular with the Ducati 848/1098/1198 motorcycles. Most of the designs are bright white with black and red lettering and logos. Red goes particularly well with this color. It could be red accessories like helmets and gloves or sometimes red around the tires and rims looks good too. Though come to think of it, the default black is pretty powerful too. Although pure pearl white throughout the fairing is a popular color, sometimes the lower body faring is a different color: red or black typically. This kind of faring is also used as a backdrop for a racing look. Once you do that, you have to load the fairing up with the logos of corporate sponsors and put a big racing number near the windshield

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