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January 28, 2015

The Yamaha R6 Fairings

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Popular Yamaha YZF-R6 Paint Schemes

Yamaha YZR-R6 is a very popular model of the Yamaha series.  And when you buy a Yamaha, you want the paint scheme to match your personality and tell everyone that sees you on your bike, your favorite color or brand.  Popular Yamaha YZF-R6 paint schemes are usually yellow, red, and blue.  But there are more and more people choosing a paint scheme with a logo on it like West, Monster, Red Bull, and Abarth.  This gives the paint scheme a little bit more and makes the street bike look more personable.

It doesn’t matter what popular Yamaha YZF-R6 paint schemes are out there because you can make your Yamaha fit you.  This is because you can customize your paint scheme to whatever you want it to be and create your own decals on it.  One place that is has a great selection of unpainted fairings for you Yamaha YZF-R6 is ExtremeFairings.


Yamaha R6 50th Anniversary Edition Fairings

In 2006, Yamaha R6 rolled out its 50th Anniversary Edition, which was a big hit with the fans of Yamaha.  The Yamaha R6 50th Anniversary Edition fairings were a big hit and people still want to buy them for your R6.  Yamaha’s R6 50th Anniversary Edition fairings give you the look of a racing bike, which many riders prefer.  If you are in the market to get this fairings for your Yamaha R6 then you should check out the huge selection of fairings at ExtremeFairings.  They have fairings for the R6 for the years 1998-2013; they are a one stop shop for all of your fairing needs.


Yamaha R6 FIAT Fairings

If you want to get yourself a Yamaha FIAT fairings kit then you should visit ExtremeFairings, where you can find all of the greatest FIAT fairings for your Yamaha R6.  ExtremeFairings has a wide selection of FIAT fairings to choose from.  They have the FIAT 500 series for model 2006-2013, and they also have an array of colors to choose from, black and white, blue and white, FIAT Rossi, FIAT Rossie red and white, and FIAT stars.  With these great selections, you will be sure to find the FIAT fairings for your Yamaha R6 street bike.


Yamaha R6 Gold Fairings

Being bold is hard for some people but other like to try something different and they can get away with it.  If you want to go a little bold with your Yamaha R6, then consider getting some gold fairings for you bike.  Yamaha R6 gold fairings look great going down the road and when they sun hits it, you will know that you made the right decision.  ExtremeFairings has great looking gold and white fairings for your Yamaha R6 and you can get the twenty five-piece set for around six hundred and fifty five dollars.  That is a steal and then your bike will look awesome.


Yamaha R6 Monster Fairings

Monster energy drink likes to put its logo on things like racecars, boards, helmets, and of course street bikes.  If you have a Yamaha R6 and love Monster then you should take a look at the Yamaha R6 Monster fairings at ExtremeFairings. They have a great red and black R6 fairings kit that would look great on your bike.  If red and black isn’t your color then you can make a custom Yamaha R6 Monster fairings kit on their website.  This will ensure that you will get the colors you want and the Monster decals you want for your bike.


Yamaha R6 Raven Fairings

The Yamaha R6 Raven fairings make your Yamaha R6 look more streamlined and looks even better driving down the road.  This is one of the most popular models of fairings kits for the Yamaha R6 and they can be bought and customized on ExtremeFairings.  If you are looking to get Raven fairings for you R6 then you want to check out their website.  They have many fairings to choose from and have kits that you can customize yourself of they will do it for you.  With all the parts and accessories offered at ExtremeFairings, you won’t have to go anywhere else for your Yamaha R6.


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